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Thanks for visiting my web site.  I'm a computer science engineer, graduated from S.R.M Engineering Collage, Madras University, Chennai. I'm pursuing my Masters in Computer Science and Engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Visit my UB page CSE page here.

This Website is my interface to the outside world. You can find information about my research activities, papers, pictures, poems and musical compositions here.

I always go by the saying "Aspire, Learn, Slog and Achieve". An optimistic person by character, I take up tasks/ activities, after careful evaluation, and tend to draft a thorough plan to achieve them.


                                  << Enjoy your stay here >>


Work Updates                                                        07 Jan 2008 09:07:15 (EST)          WeBLOG

Pretty happy about the progress on couple of the websites I have been working in the past year for Eberl Iron Works, Inc..

1. The Order Online Stair pans website which would help customers of Eberl request/ order a Stair Pan online. The sytem also includes a exclusive back-end management system.
2. The Traffic Safety Products Online Catalog and The Unistrut Buffalo Online Catalog - Online Catalogs for the traffic safety and unistrut products sold by Eberl Iron Works, Inc.

Happening (...)                                              30 Oct 2006 15:49:00 PM (EST)                    WeBLOG

My website has been listed on the DMOZ Project under the category of Speech Technology Research. Hope I could continue on the listing for many more years to come!.
My Name - What does it mean?
Quite often, people find my name different (even back in India) and keep asking me if it really has a meaning. Well it does and here it goes (from Saranagati Vol 1  Issue 3) - "Staying in Vaikunta, he directs, controls and supervises the duties of all. He is the Commander-in-Chief of the Lord. He wields a whip in his hand. The entire Prapancham functions in the constant fear of the whip-end striking them, if they err. He rules over the entire world by his command."

Back to school days now .. I'm at The University at Buffalo - State University of New York for a
Masters program in Computer Science and Engineering starting Fall 06.

At UB,  I'm going to be working with the SNeRG and
the VR Drama Group to build speech recognition
capabilities into the Virtual Reality agents!

I had also been working with Virtusa India Pvt. Ltd.  for 2 years since I graduated with my undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering from SRM College of Engineering in 2004.        WeBLOG 


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